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  • Darning Egg

    Darning Egg
    1-count; Two-piece wooden darning egg used for repairing socks, gloves, mittens, sweaters, pillows and other knitted/woven fabrics. Two-piece construction for u...(more)

    $9.99 More Details
  • Black Marking Pen Replacements

    Black Marking Pen Replacements
    2-count; Black indelible ink pen replacements (for Dritz- Marking Kit) used to identify clothing or fabric goods. 2-countIndelible ink in black...(more)

    $2.99 More Details
  • Marking Pen Set

    Marking Pen Set
    4-count; red, blue and green indelible ink pens and clear alphabet stencil used (with Dritz- fabric marking tape) to identify clothing or fabric goods. Indelib...(more)

    $3.99 More Details
  • Jumbo Lint Shaver

    Jumbo Lint Shaver
    Jumbo Lint Shaver removes lint and fuzz balls from clothing - upholstery - blankets and moreBattery-operated shaver is convenient and easy to use on furniture, ...(more)

    $21.99 More Details
  • Lint Roller

    Lint Roller
    Remove lint, dust, dandruff, fuzz and pet hair from clothes, upholstery and car seats. This package contains three meters of 4 inch wide lint roller sheets on ...(more)

    $2.49 More Details
  • Lint Brush Display

    Lint Brush Display
    Pull in one direction to remove lint, fuzz and pet hair. Push in the opposite direction to clean the brush head. This package contains one 10x2 inch lint brush...(more)

    $2.49 More Details
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