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  • Tin Can Robot

    Tin Can Robot
    Recycle a soda can by turning it into a silly robot that can move. Kit includes parts and instructions. Just add a can. Requires two AAA batteries (not includ...(more)

    $14.99 More Details
  • Soda Can Robug

    Soda Can Robug
    Create an exciting science project while recycling. Finished Robug emits sound as it moves across the floor. Requires two AAA batteries, screwdriver and empty ...(more)

    $14.99 More Details
  • Potato Clock

    Potato Clock
    You may know potatoes as a good source of potassium, but did you know they can be used to power an alarm clock? This kit contains a digital clock, instructions...(more)

    $14.99 More Details
  • Smart Robot

    Smart Robot
    Build a smart robot that changes direction when it encounters an obstacle. It moves as if it has a brain. Requires one AA battery (not included). ...(more)

    $14.99 More Details
  • Weather Station

    Weather Station
    Learn about your climate while tracking weather changes and conducting experiments on the greenhouse effect. Includes everything you need. Completed station mea...(more)

    $14.99 More Details
  • Solar Rover

    Solar Rover
    Build this cool rover using the parts provided and a soda can. Learn how sunlight is converted to energy. Detailed instructions included. ...(more)

    $19.99 More Details
  • Brush Robot

    Brush Robot
    Assemble this robotic brush and let it clean up after you. Set includes battery case with wires, wooden brush, paint brush, googly eyes, motor, a set of plast...(more)

    $19.99 More Details
  • Robotic Hand

    Robotic Hand
    Assemble the mechanical plastic parts and other pieces to construct this robot hand. Detailed instructions included. ...(more)

    $14.99 More Details
  • Illusion Science

    Illusion Science
    Experiment with over 20 optic activities and learn the scientific explanations behind them. Kit includes illusion tricks card, spinning top with illusion cards...(more)

    $12.99 More Details
  • Windowsill Greenhouse 9x4.5x6 Princess Garden

    Windowsill Greenhouse 9x4.5x6 Princess Garden
    Windowsill Greenhouses allow you to grow exotic plants from around the world right in your own home. Kits come with a variety of plants to allow for customized ...(more)

    $14.99 More Details
  • Math Magic

    Math Magic
    Have fun astonishing your friends with magic number tricks. Contains over 15 fun math tricks, games and puzzles. Includes a calculator which can be used as a k...(more)

    $14.99 More Details
  • Magnet Science

    Magnet Science
    Unravel the mystery of magnets with 10 fun experiments and games. Kit includes everything needed to build a mysterious dangler, fishing game, levitron racer an...(more)

    $14.99 More Details
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